Zero System

It was back in February when Jonathan Rowden and I shared a very interesting phone conversation. He told me about the project he and Ryan Pryor were working on: Zero System. The duo had historically created Jazz music, albeit slightly out of the box Jazz music, but still within the genre.  This new project was something different however. The duo had taken a leap out of their usual style and into something  electronic, even cyberpunk.

He told me there were hints of a story behind the songs. Though the album is instrumental, the music and song titles reflect this.

Then the most intriguing news came out: he was looking to collaborate with other creatives on the project. They were encouraging fan fiction, art, and whatever any creative was inspired to do in conjunction with their music.

That is where I leaped at the opportunity, "I'll write a story," I told him.

We continued that conversation, getting more and more excited about the materializing story. He gave me the basics of what he felt the music conveyed, shared the rough cuts of the songs, and I let my imagination run wild with the rest. Thankfully the music is really good and creating scenes in my head while listening was easy.

I put the longer novel I have been working on to the side and focused on this short story, which morphed into a slightly longer novella. The result will be my first publication, set to release with the album this Fall. It is titled From the Ruins.

For anyone interested in hearing previews to the songs or seeing what Jonathan and Ryan are up to, you can head over to:

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